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Capt. THOMAS BLENNERHASSETT, alias HASSETT (b.1549 d.1624)
Poet, historian and writer on Ireland [DNB].
Of Horsford Park, Norwich and of “Castle Hassett” (now Crevenish Castle) at "Hassettstown" (now Ederney), near Kesh in Co.Fermanagh. He studied at the University of Cambridge, probably Trinity Hall 1564, but left without a degree.

Translated Ovid's “De Remedio Amoris” while at Cambridge, unpublished.

Author of:
The Seconde Parte of the Mirrour for Magistrates, written in 1577 while serving as a Captain in the army, at "Guernsey Castle" (Castle Cornet), St.Peter Port, Guernsey. The castle still stands.
The original “Mirrour for Magistrates”, which dealt in verse with episodes of English history from the time of Richard II, had been published in 1559 under editorship of William Baldwin as a continuation of Lydgate's “Fall of Princes”. This work was reprinted in 1563, when Thomas Sackville's famous 'Induction' was first published as the preface, and again in 1571.
In 1574 John Higgins, the poet, published a new series of poems on legends drawn from far earlier history, titled “The First Parte of the Mirrour for Magistrates”. This was reprinted in 1575.
Thomas Blennerhassett's contribution, published by Richard Webster, London, in 1578, was a continuation of Higgins’ book, titled:
“THE Seconde Part of the Mirrour for Magistrates, conteining the falles of the unfortunate Princes of this lande from the Conquest of Caesar, unto the comyng of Duke William the Conqueror. Imprinted by Richard Webster, Anno Domini, 1578”
This edition includes The Complaint of Uter Pendragon (modified for the 1610 edition by Richard Niccols) and King Carassus (pp.185-194 of 1610 edition).
By Ferrers, Cavyll, Chaloner, Phaer, Bladwin, Skelton, Dolman, Sackville, Segar, Dingley, Churchyard & Drayton.
In 1610 Richard Niccols added “A Winter Nights Vision” containing ten additional tragedies, and “Englands Eliza”.
This edition was published as:
"A Mirour for Magistrates: Being a True Chronicle Historie of the Untimely falles of such unfortunate Princes and men of note, as have happened since the first entrance of Brute into this Iland, untill this our latter Age. Newly Enlarged... London: Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, 1610”.
A copy of the 1610 edition displayed at Booth E2 of 42nd Annual New York Antiquarian Book Fair (held 2002 at Park Avenue Armory, New York, USA) contains on the foot of p.194 the signature in ink “Thomas B. Hasset”.
Reprinted 1815 by Joseph Haslewood, Longman, London in 2 vols. (from the 1578 edition, collated with the 1610 edition).
Translated into German by C.R.Laemmerhirt 1909.
Reprinted 1946 as Parts Added to the Mirror for Magistrates”, edited by Lily B.Campbell; Cambridge University Press (with biographical notes).
Another edition was published in 1620.

Author of a poem in praise of Queen Elizabeth I:
"A Revelation of the true Minerva. The effect of this booke. Who on earth be gods : and by what means mortall men may bee made immortall. Psal[m] Lxxxii. God standeth in the congregation of the gods : hee is Judge amongst the gods. 1582.”
This is a pastoral, significant for its experiments in the new verse forms of Renaissance England and its indebtedness to Spenser's Shepheards Calander”. Reprinted, in facsimilie, 1941 with an introduction and biographical note by Josephine Walters Bennett (pub. “Scholar's Facsimiles & Reprints”, New York 1941).
Only one original copy of this work is known to have survived (now in the Huntington Library, USA; previously in the Heber collection); Printed by Thomas Dawson, for Thomas Woodcoke, London.

Author of:
“A Direction for the Plantation of Ulster, contayning in it sixe principall thinges, etc” dedicated to Prince Henry, published by Ed. Allde for John Budge, London, 1610.
A copy is in the British Library, London, Add. Ms. 34,313 (extract).
This work is listed in “Hayes' Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilisation” as  Ms.881-2,  pp.763-4 [HAYES]
Rector of St.John the Devine, Patching, Co.Sussex 1711-1726
Chaplain to Lionel, Earl of Dorset & Middlesex c1715/16
Author of:
SERMON, 1714/15
 Plus Quam Speravimus:

Patching, in Sussex,
January the 20th, 1714/15.
to almighty GOD, for Bringing
is MAJESTY to a Peaceable and Quiet
Possession of the THRONE; and Disap-
pointing thereby the DESIGNS of the
Pretender, and all His Abettors and

Rector of PATCHING;
Chaplain to the Right Honourable LIONEL, Earl
of Dorset and Middlesex.

printed for BENJ. COWSE, at the Rose and Crown
in St: Pauls Church-Yard. MDCCXV.

SERMON, 1716
LEGAL OBIDIENCE, in Opposition to
UNLIMITED; The Subjects Necessary
Duty, and a Prince's Best Security.

January the 30th, 1715/16.
Barwick Chapell
In the Parish of
St. JAMES's, Westminster,

Chaplain to the Right Honourable LIO-
NEL, Earl of Dorset and Middlesex.

Printed by J. Downing, in Bartholomew-Close, for
the Author; and Sold by Sam. Crouch, at the
Corner of Popes Head Alley, in Cornhill, and
Benj. Couse, at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's
Church-Yard, 1716.
Price Six Pence.
WILLIAM BLENNERHASSETT (1726-1787) Attorney, of Flimby Hall, the Blennerhassett ancestral home in Co.Cumberland, which he sold out of the family, to Sir James Lowther in 1772, and moved to London.
NOTE: [BIFR p.135] describes this William Blennerhassett of Flimby Hall as "...the last of the Blennerhassett name in Cumberland...", but another William Blennerhassett resided at Wigton, Cumberland until 1798, when a daughter Sarah Blennerhassett married at Wigton, and perhaps later.

Author of:
"Several Propositions, Rules, and Problems, in order for a Discovery of Longtitude at Sea, and also, a scheme for the prevention of robberies"    
Printed for the author by Robinson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England 1750 

Author of:
“A New History of England, from the time that the Phoenicians first landed in this island, to the end of the reign of King George I. Taken from the best authors and manuscripts”
Printed by John Gooding, on the Side, for the author, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England 1751 (6 volumes)
NOTE: Among the subscribers to this volume were The Hon. Arthur Blennerhassett, esq, one of the justices of the court of King's Bench, and Arthur Blennerhassett of Tralee, esq. 

Author of:
“The Universal & Eternal System. Also, the Principal Points of the Deists, against Christianity, Stated and Answered”
Printed for the author, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England 1752  
Capt. JOHN BLENNERHASSETT “Black Jack” (b.c1665 d.c1738)
of Castle Conway, Killorglin, Co. Kerry.
Author of:
Proposals by John Blener-hassett and George Rogers, Esquires, for encourageing a linnen manufactory, at Killarney... and planting Protestants there” published c1699
An indication of the date of this document is found in “Kerry in the Eighteenth Century”, in “Selections from Old Kerry Records” by Mary Agnes Hickson (in vol.1 1872 or vol.2 1874 ?)...
p.124 ...They state that they (the memorialists) have rebuilt at their own expense the market-house and Court-house in Killarney, and brought Protestants there from Kilkenny and other parts of of Ireland to establish a linen manufactory. “The latter project,” they continue, “hath been in great forwardness from the encouragement given to our printed proposals, one of which here enclosed wee send your Excellency, although wee are disadvantaged by the insolency of the Irish, who threaten and terrify all that offer to settle in the country an instance of which is given in the enclosed examination of John Barton, who is discouraged  as well as all his friends and dependants...
p.125 ...The examination of John Barton enclosed with the Memorial ran as follows:-
The sd deponent being sworn (before Edward Herbert, Esq., J.P. on the 18th November 1699)
on the Holy Evangelists and examined saith, that he being for several years past a dweller in the city of Kilkenny and County thereof, he saw posted there and in other towns printed papers, wherein Colonel John Blennerhasset and George Rogers, Esq., did propose to sett the forfeited estate of the late Lord Kenmare, being planted with Irish inhabitants unto Protestant inhabitants, and that upon reasonable termes, that having encouragement given him by some of his friends in Kerry to take a  farm on the said estate, he, the deponent, came accordingly into tje country, and being advised to take the farm of Ardglasse, he, the deponent, and his son did on the 16th inst. go to the said land.....etc
Author of:
Black Jack's Book
John “Black Jack” Blennerhassett was author of two manuscript pedigrees of the Kerry Blennerhassetts. He is said to have commenced his pedigree of the Kerry Blennerhassett family while held prisoner at Galway in 1689-1690, during the 'Williamite' wars. He is known to have compiled c1720-1736 two manuscripts of his genealogies. The older Ms. is believed to be shorter, the second being the more extensive genealogy of Blennerhassett and related Kerry families that became known as “Black Jack's Book”.
The first of these manuscripts survives, written in part of an 18th century account book. This may be Black Jack’s personal Account Book, or his genealogical notebook may have later been reused by another as an account book. The document is held at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Manuscript D680/3/1) under the description: D.680 “Account Book, with genealogical notes on the Blennerhassett family, relating to roads in the Ardraw area, Co.Kerry” (late 18th century).
This MS is listed in “Hayes Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization”.
The location of the later, complete, manuscript of “Black Jack’s Book” is unknown to me, but c1858-1872 it was the property of John Hurly of Fenit House, near Tralee, Co.Kerry.
John Hurly, who died in 1878, was son-in-law to James Franklin Fuller the Co.Kerry architect, historian & genealogist (who remodelled Ballyseedy House in the 1880s). This Ms. appears not to be at the National Library of Ireland (NLI) or at the National Archives in Dublin.
Blennerhassett & related pedigrees extracted by S.Burgoyne in 1921 from the text of “Black Jack's Book”, are in Ms. vol.562 (about 50 pages) at the Genealogical Office of Ireland, in the National Library of Ireland, Dublin (also available on LDS microfilm No.0100151, item 3, filmed 1949).
The original c1720-1736 Ms. Blennerhassett genealogy “Black Jack's Book” was transcribed in 1855 by Kerry Historian & Genealogist Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D. (1800-1861) of Belmont, Co.Kerry, Archdeacon of Ardfert.
The location of the original Rowan Ms is unknown to me, but a photocopy is Ms.5629 at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin (but when I looked it had been misfiled as MS Ref: 4112 which is something else entirely!). This is also listed in “Hayes Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization”.
The original Ms. he borrowed from John Hurley of Fenit House, Tralee, another Blennerhassett descendant.
A brief letter of 25.6.1858 from Rev.A.B.Rowan to Sir Bernard Burke Ulster King of Arms, discussing this loan, is in a scrapbook of genealogical items at the library of the Irish Genealogical Research Society (IGRS), London.
A second handwritten copy of the c1720-1736 Ms. “Black Jack's Book” was transcribed by Mary Agnes Hickson, another prominent Kerry Historian & Genealogist, prior to publishing same as “The Blennerhassett Pedigree, A.D. 1580-1736” in her “Selections from Old Kerry Records” vol.1 1872, pp.33-108. The Hickson Ms. was acquired by genealogist Rev. Sir Henry Lyttelton Lyster Denny, MA (Dublin), 7th Baronet of Castle Moyle (1878-1953), of London, and in 1921 presented by him to the library of the Society of Genealogists London. There it remains (ref: Ac3857), recently rebound.
Of these two, I find the Rowan copy to be more accurate and precise than the Hickson copy.
The Journal of the Royal Historical & Archaeological Association of Ireland (4th Series vol.4 p.31) contains an item on “Black Jack's Book”.
of Castle Conway, Killorglin, Co.Kerry and of Blennerhassett Island, Ohio River, West Virginia, USA
Published a series of papers or essays supporting the views of Aaron Burr, in the 'Ohio Gazette'
under the pen name 'Querist'.
several musical compositions” were left by him to his son, for possible future publication.
These included a march, said to have been written on the island c1797-1805, that has been used in the sound-track of “Opening the Door West”, the story of the Ohio company and the first legal American settlement of the northwest territory, produced by Shelburne Films in association with WOUB-TV.
This piece is also on a CD of the film soundtrack.
Wrote an unfinished memoir entitled “British Interest in America”.
The "Blennerhassett Papers" Mss. from 1755-1866, including 6 volumes of Harman Blennerhassett's journal, are in the Ms. division of the US Library of Congress, Washington DC. These were deposited by Therese Blennerhassett Adams in 1921.
"The Blennerhassett Papers: embodying the private journal of Harman Blennerhassett, and the hitherto unpublished correspondence of Burr, Alston, Comfort Tyler, Devereaux, Dayton, Adair, Miro, Emmett, Theodosia Burr Alston, Mrs. Blennerhassett, and others... with portraits" by William Harrison Safford, 1861 & 1864, Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin, Cincinnati (also in LDS microfilm No.0940399, item 1)
Part published as “Harman Blennerhassett Papers, 1775-1866” Library of Congress, 1900.
Breaking with Burr: Harman Blennerhassett's Journal 1807”, Edited by Raymond E. Fitch. Published Ohio University Press, 1988.
Blennerhassett Family Papers” - Ohio University Library, Athens, Ohio (microfilm - MICRO E334 B44 P3 1973 X).
Blennerhassett Family Papers, 1793” – Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, Miussouri (3 folders, Ref: A0136)
A document relating to Harman Blennerhassett is in the “Andre de Coppet Collection (1566-1942)” box 4, folder 8.
Filson Club Historical Society” (Catalog No. 64 – Harman Blennerhassett, Misc. Papers 1801-1807) has five documents relating to Harman & Margaret Blennerhassett, including his 1803 U.S. (State of Virginia) Citizenship paper.
Wife of Harman Blennerhassett of “Blennerhassett Island”; an accomplished linguist, poet and writer.
Author of:
Poem “The Desert Isle” written in Canada (in 1822?) some years after her mansion on Blennerhassett Island was destroyed by fire in 1811. This is sometimes referred to, incorrectly, as “The Deserted Isle”.
Her volume of poems “The Widow of the Rock and Other Poems, by a Lady” was published anonymously, printed by E.V.Sparhawk, Printer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada in early April 1824. The volume includes her poem “The Desert Isle”. This book, her only published work, is the first collection of poems to be published in Canada (the second being “The Charivari; or Canadian Poetics, by Launcelot Longstaff”, published 28-Apr-1824). Because of this she is sometimes called “The Mother of English-Canadian Poetry”, despite (according to “Some Notes on the Montreal Literary Scene in the Mid-1820s”, by Mary Lu MacDonald) most of the poems referring to places and events in England and the United States, not in Canada. A microfiche of her book was made by the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions, 1983, CIHM/ICMH Microfiche series, No. 36184 (3 fiches).
At publication in 1824 her poems were extensively reviewed in “The Canadian Magazine” and also “The Canadian Review” and “The Scribbler”.
The Desert Isle - with Thirty-five Unpublished Poems by Margaret Blennerhassett” by Ron F. Hendricks (poet, playwright & publisher), pub.2003 by Hendricks House II, Atlanta, Georgia, includes the original content of “The Widow of the Rock and Other Poems, by a Lady”, including “The Desert Isle” but excluding three poems that Mrs. Blennerhassett appended to her book, declaring they were the work of another author, not herself. These are presented by Hendricks in a new format, with the addition of 35 of her previously unpublished poems. These have been transcribed by Hendricks from Mss. in Margaret's handwriting, now among the “Blennerhassett Family Papers” (Ref: A0136, 3 folders) at the “Missouri Historical Society”, St.Louis; The Introduction and Afterword to the book tell the Blennerhassett Island story.
These poems also feature in “Poems by the Late Mrs Harman Blennerhassett”, an undated Ms. of that title compiled by her son Joseph Lewis Blennerhassett & arranged by Mrs Therese Martini Byron Blennerhassett, wife of her husband’s distant cousin Richard Spotswood Blennerhassett. Margaret was author of a Ms. booklet “The Emigrant's Guide”, c1820s, and these two Mss. are among the “Blennerhassett Papers” formerly at Campus Martius Museum, Marietta, Ohio but now at the “Ohio Historical Society”, Columbus, Ohio; they have been microfilmed.
Her work is included in:
Poetry by Canadian Women”, edited by Rosemary Sullivan; Oxford University Press (Toronto) 1989;
Stories and Verse of West Virginia” by Jim Comstook in “West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia”, Supplimental vol.17 (WV Heritage Foundation) 1974.
Encylopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English” Routledge, London 1994. 
son of Harman Blennerhassett & Margaret Agnew of Blennerhassett Island
Author of a collection of “Letters to Therese Blennerhassett Adams by Joseph S. Lewis Blennerhassett” (where are these archived?)
Author of an undated Ms. entitled “Blennerhassett” in the “Blennerhassett Papers vol.3” at the Library of Congress, Washington
Compiler of Ms.  “Reminiscences of Harman Blennerhassett, compiled by his son Joseph Lewis Blennerhassett”, later edited by Mrs Therese Martini Blennerhassett, wife of his cousin Richard Spotswood Blennerhassett
This Ms. is now among “Blennerhassett Papers” at Campus Martius Museum, Washington & Second Streets, Marietta, Ohio, USA
Author of a biography of his father published in the “Montreal Gazette” 28-Jan-1841
Compiler of Ms. “Poems by the Late Mrs Harman Blennerhassett”, edited by Mrs Therese Martini Byron Blennerhassett, wife of his cousin Richard Spotswood Blennerhassett. This Ms. is among the “Blennerhassett Papers” formerly at Campus Martius Museum, Marietta, Ohio but now at the “Ohio Historical Society”, Columbus, Ohio; they have been microfilmed
of Mount Rivers, Killorglin, Co.Kerry & St.Louis, Missouri, USA.
Wife of Richard Spotswood Blennerhassett, a cousin of Harman Blennerhassett of “Blennerhassett Island”.
The following three Mss. are among the “Blennerhassett Papers” formerly at Campus Martius Museum, Marietta, Ohio
but now at the “Ohio Historical Society”, Columbus, Ohio; they have been microfilmed;
Author of Ms. “Notes on the Life of Harman Blennerhassett
Edited Ms. “Reminiscences of Harman Blennerhassett, compiled by his son Lewis Blennerhassett
Edited an undated Ms. “Poems by the late Mrs Harman Blennerhassett, compiled by her son Joseph Lewis Blennerhassett” 
of St.Louis, Missouri, USA. Daughter of Therese Martini Byrum Blennerhassett (above)
Author of “The True Story of Harman Blennerhassett
published in “The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine”, vol.62, July 1901 pp.351-6.
Right Hon.Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, Bart - 4th Baronet of Blennerville, Co.Kerry (b.1839 d.1909)
Liberal MP for the Borough of Galway 1865-74 and for Co.Kerry 1880-85
One of the foremost authorities in the United Kingdom on foreign affairs, especially in Europe
Wrote in leading periodicals on political and foreign subjects; frequently contributing to reviews of foreign politics and publishing speeches & addresses
Associated with the management of the “Home & Foreign Review”, edited by his close friend Professor Sir John E. E. Dalberg Acton, 1834-1902 (later 1st Baron Acton), the British Catholic Historian and philosopher of freedom.
A quote from Lord Acton (also editor of the RC Monthly “Rambler”):-
                        “...The test of a country's freedom is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities...”
Author of:
Irish University Education”; A speech made in the “House of Commons” during a debate on the second reading of Mr Fawcett's bill, 2-Aug-1871; published by William Ridgeway, London 1871
“University Education in Ireland”; A speech made in the “House of Commons” during a debate on the second reading of the bill relating to University Education in Ireland, 10-Mar-1873, published by P.S.King, London 1873
Irish Railways”; A speech made in the “House of Commons” during a debate on the second reading of Sir Rowland's own bill for the purchase of Irish Railways by the State, published by William Ridgeway, London 1872
Peasant Proprietors in Ireland” a memorandum for private circulation; London 1884
Reprinted in the “Contemporary Review” XLVII 1885, p.16 (or pp.866-81 ?)
The Land Question in Europe” in the “Fortnightly Review” 1881, vol.36, pp.238-252
Wrote on “Ireland 1837-1887” in “The Reign of Queen Victoria, etc” by Thomas H. Ward, vol.1 1887
University Education in England, France and Germany, with special reference to the needs of Ireland” Inaugural Address at Queen's College, Cork, Published John Murray, London 1898
He edited “The Bernstoff Papers” (Memoirs) by C.Ringhoffer, and wrote the introduction, 1908
Wrote a memoir in “Memories of Gardens” by Alexander I. Shand, 1908
Co-founder & producer of the “Chronicle”, a Catholic magazine (political & literary organ of British liberal Catholicism) from 23-Mar-1867 to 13-Feb-1868
Hassett on Home Rule” by Patrick Nagle (1 sheet) Dublin: P.Brereton ca1868 National Library of Ireland JLB 39988 v.2(32a)
Correspondence and papers of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett are archived at:
      Cambridge University Library Department of Manuscripts [Add. Ms 7486 and Add Ms 8119]
      Bodleian Library, Oxford [Ms. Eng. c. 4036, fols. 191-2; & 4037, fol. 2]
      St Andrews University Library [NRA 26993 Ward]

Shortly before his death Sir Rowland Blennerhassett was by some wrongly credited with authorship of what at the time appeared to be an interview with the German Kaiser Wilhelm II, reported on 28-Oct-1908 in British newspaper "The Daily Telegraph", creating a political stir in the UK and constitutional crisis in Germany.
This description is from Wikipedia:

"The Daily Telegraph Affair was the uproar that followed the 28 October 1908 publication in British newspaper The Daily Telegraph of comments by German KaiserWilhelm II intended to improve German-British relations. It was a major diplomatic blunder that worsened relations and badly hurt the Kaiser's reputation; after that he played a much smaller role in deciding foreign policy. The episode had a far greater impact in Germany than overseas.

The Telegraph presented what appeared to be an interview with the Kaiser. It was in fact the reworked notes by British Army officer Edward Montagu-Stuart-Wortley of conversations he had with Wilhelm II in 1907. The Telegraph sent the "interview" to Wilhelm II for approval, who in turn passed it to Chancellor Bernhard von Bülow, who later stated that he was too busy to edit the document, though Bülow's critics charged that he did not wish to challenge the Kaiser. Instead Bülow passed it on to the Foreign Ministry for their review, which apparently did not happen. It included wild statements and diplomatically damaging remarks, the most infamous of which was: "You English are mad, mad, mad as March hares. What has come over you that you are so completely given over to suspicions quite unworthy of a great nation?

Wilhelm had seen the interview as an opportunity to promote his views and ideas on Anglo-German friendship, but due to his emotional outbursts during the course of the interview, he ended up further alienating not only the British, but also the French, Russians, and Japanese. He implied, among other things, that the Germans cared nothing for the British; that the French and Russians had attempted to incite Germany to intervene in the Second Boer War; and that the German naval buildup was targeted against the Japanese, not Britain.

The British leadership had already decided that Wilhelm was somewhat mentally disturbed, and saw this as further evidence of his unstable personality, as opposed to an indication of official German hostility.

The Daily Telegraph crisis deeply wounded Wilhelm's previously unimpaired self-confidence, and he soon suffered a severe bout of depression from which he never fully recovered. He lost much of the influence he had previously exercised in domestic and foreign policy.

The effect in Germany was quite significant; severe embarrassment was followed by serious calls for the Kaiser's abdication. The conservative Junker politician Elard von Oldenburg-Januschau was the only member of the Reichstag to defend the Kaiser throughout the Affair. Wilhelm kept a very low profile for many months after the Daily Telegraph fiasco, slumping into a deep depression, never fully recovering from the humiliation. He later exacted his revenge by forcing the resignation of the Chancellor Bülow, who had abandoned the Emperor to public scorn by not having the transcript edited before its German publication. Bulow recalled in his Memoirs that: "A dark foreboding ran through many Germans that such...stupid, even puerile speech and action on the part of the Supreme Head of State could lead to only one thing - catastrophe".

Son of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 4th Baronet of Blennerville.
Military Intellegence Officer MI1(C) with & SIS during World War I.  Diplomat.  Stockbroker.
Author of novels:
The Dreamer [A Novel]”, Chapman & Dodd, London & Sydney, 1922
The Red Shadow”, Duckworth & Co., London, 1922
Published numerous articles in the “Cornhill and National Review”.
Contributor to “Encyclopedia Britannica”  with entries on Finland & Lapland.
NOTE: He sued “Novelty Sales Service Ltd” and the London “Evening Standard” newspaper, for libel, over a "Yo-Yo" advertisement that appeared 25-May-1932 on p.10 of the Evening Standard.  Reported in [TIMES 19-May-1933]. 
Countess Charlotte Julia von Leyden of Bavaria (‘de Leyden’ for French editions)
Wife of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, M.P., 4th Baronet of Blennerville, Co.Kerry
Lady-in-waiting to, and intimate friend of, the Empress Frederick.
Prominent Roman Catholic historian; Author of several biographical works in German, most translated into French and English, she received the “Golden Palm” from the French Ministry of Education for her services to French literature: Her work includes:
Frau von Stael, ihre Freunde und ihre Bedeutung in Politik und Literatur… Mit einem Portrat, etc”, Berlin 1887-89, in German, 3 vols
Madame de Stael, her friends, and her influence in Politics & Literature... with a portrait, etc”, Chapman & Hall, London 1889, English translation by J.E.G.Cumming, 3 vols
Madame de Staèl et son temps (1766-1817) avec des documents inédits ... ouvrage traduit...  par Auguste Dietrich”, Published by Louis Westhausser, Paris 1890, French translation, 3 vols
Talleyrand, ein studie”, Berlin 1894; in German (Biog. of Charles M. Talleyrand-Perogord)
Talleyrand”, pub. by John Murray, London 1894; English translation by Frederick Clarke, 2 Vols.
Paulsen über den Pessimismus” by Lady Blennerhassett
Herrn von Brandt`s “Erinnerungen und Zeitfragen“ by Lady Blennerhassett
     both in Deutsche Rundschau (vol.CVII April-June 1901) Julius Rodenberg, Berlin
Frauenleben Marie Antoinette Königin von Frankreich"
                                                pub. Bielefeld und Leipzig, Verlag Velhagen & Klasing, 1903, in German
Chateaubriand, Romantik u. die Restaurationsepoche in Frankreich...”
                        60 illustrations             Mainz 1903, in German
                                                                        Reviewed in Literarische Rundschau 29 p.216-218 1903
John Henry Kardinal Newman”, Berlin 1904, in German (Biography of Cardinal Newman)
Die Jungfrau von Orleans” (“The Maid of Orleans”) pub. Velhagen & Klasing, Bielefeld & Leipzig 1906 & 1926, in German
Maria Stuart, Konigin von Schottland 1542-1587” pub. Kempten/Munchen, Kösel-Verlag, 1907, in German
Maria Stuart, 1542-1587 avec au portrait”, Paris 1909, French translation by the author
Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon...  with illustration”, published by G.Allen & Sons, London 1910 & Charles Scribner's Sons, New York 1911; in English
Geschichtsphilosophie von Taine und Seinbild Napoleons”, published 1911, in “C.L.B. Streiflichter”, p.89-119
Streiflichter”, Berlin 1911, in German
Sidelights”, Constable & Co., London 1913 & Books for Libraries Press, Freeport, New York
                        English translation  (of “Streiflichter”) by Edith Gulcher
                        Reprinted in “Essay Index Reprint Series” by Ayer Company Publishers, Inc. 1977
Ein Blatt aus Belgiens Geschichte” by Charlotte Lady Blennerhassett, in “Hochland” magazine January 1915
L. N. Tolstois Briefwechsel mit der Gräfin A. A. Tolstoi 1857-1903” by Charlotte Lady Blennerhassett,  in “Hochland” magazine October 1915
Literar-Historische Aufsatze”, German translation by Edith Gulcher, Munchen & Berlin 1916
Charlotte Lady Blennerhassett was an historian and pupil of Professor Sir John E. E. Dalberg Acton, LL.D. (later 1st Baron Acton), Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, English Catholic Historian, philosopher of freedom and close friend of her husband.
She was a major contributor to Lord Acton's “The Cambridge Modern History”, pub. by Cambridge University Press 1907, including:-
The Doctrinares “ - vol.10 Chapter 2
The Papacy and the Catholic Church” - vol.10 ch.5
See also “Ignaz von Dollinger - Charlotte Lady Blennerhassett, Briefwechsel 1865-1886” (Briefwechsel 4) by Victor Conzemius, Munchen 1981, in German
"Correspondence and papers of CHARLOTTE, Lady BLENNERHASSETT" are archived at:
Cambridge University Library Department of Manuscripts (Add Ms 8119 and Add Ms 8121)
Choses d’Allemagne” by Alfred Dumaine, pub. by Artheme Fayard & Cie, Paris 1925, contains chapter IV titled “Lady Blennerhassett” 
ROSANNA "ROSE" Aimée BLENNERHASSETT (b.1843 d.1907) "Sister Aimée"
Pioneer nursing sister at Umtali, Manicaland, East Africa 1891-1893.
Rosanna "Rose" Aimée Blennerhassett was born 12-May-1843 at Paris, France of a prominent Irish Roman Catholic family,
baptised on 17-Jul-1843 at Sainte-Madeleine, Paris.
She had one sibling, her brother Rowland Blennerhassett, Bart. M.P. born 5-Sep-1839 in Ireland.
Rose died unmarried 8-Oct-1907 at Carqueiranne, near Hyéres, Provence, France, aged 64.
"A Letter from Lisbon" by Rose Blennerhassett

an article in "The Argosy" monthly magazine (motto: "Laden with Golden Grain")
1885 "Summer Number" (published in between the June & July issues) pp.43-52;
edited by Mrs Henry Wood, published by Richard Bentley & Son, London.
Magazine issued monthly, also semi-annually bound in hardback, this appearing in vol. 39, January to June 1885
NOTE: The "Summer Number" is bound in that volume but was omitted from the "Contents" list.
"A Letter From Lisbon" begins: "I will spare you all account of my journey, which was prosperous and uneventful. You know that the sea-gods are always propitious to me, and even the unruly Bay [of Biscay] was on its best behaviour..."
Rose Blennerhassett first visited Lisbon October 1884 to 1885 and there wrote this piece for "The Argosy"; presumably it was during that visit she learned the Portuguese language.  When in 1890 she departed England to nurse at Johannesburg Hospital, instead of joining S.S. Spartan (bound for Durban) at Southampton as did her fellow nurse Lucy Sleeman, she left earlier, travelling overland via Paris to join the ship at Lisbon because "I was a bad sailor, and wished to avoid the terrible bay [of Biscay]...
In 1891, while travelling with Lucy from Portuguese Beira to Umtali in Manicaland, Rose was able to use her knowledge of the Portuguese language to their advantage.

"Graphic Sketches of Mining Life"

While at the nurses' home in Johannesburg 1890-91 Rose Blennerhassett contributed "Graphic Sketches of Mining Life" to the newspaper "Digger's News".
History of "Diggers' News":
" Within a short time after the establishment of Johannesburg in 1886, a number of newspapers appeared that had close ties with the mining industry. The first is considered to be the Digger's News, sold at sixpence a copy from the printing works in Market Street from 24 February 1887 and consisted of four pages mostly filled with advertisements. A day later The Mining Argus appeared. The offices of the bi-weekly Argus consisted of a stretch of canvas over a wooden frame and a copy was sent to Pretoria by horseback where the paper was printed. During the journey some of the copy often got lost, resulting in a loss of revenue for advertisements not printed. The Standard and Transvaal Mining Chronicle began in March 1887 and later amalgamated with the Diggers' News, to be followed by The Transvaal Observer." [Media Studies: Media History, Media and Society" edited by Pieter J. Fourie, pub. by Juta Education, Capetown 2001, vol.1 p.40].

Diggers' News and Witwatersrand Advertiser published at Johannesburg 1888-90.
Standard and Digger's News : The Authorised Government Gazette for Witwatersrand" Johannesburg 1886-87, 1891-1900.
A weekly edition of  
Standard and Digger's News
 appeared in 1890-99 and a London edition in 1896-99.
Warning Dates for (and copies of) Rose's "Graphic Sketches of Mining Life" contributed to the "Digger's News" 1890-91 are requested...
"Pall Mall Gazette", London

A letter from Rose in Johannesburg to this newspaper 1890 <exact date?>
is subsequently mentioned in [Pall Mall Gazette 21-Aug-1890]
Rose Blennerhassett's Journal

 Rose Blennerhassett's journal of her 1891 journey from Beira to Umtali is in "Journals of the Mashonaland Mission 1888 to 1892" by Dr G.W.H. Knight-Bruce, Bishop for Mashonaland - Chapter VI. "Miss Blennerhasset's Journal"
"Adventures in Mashonaland, by Two Hospital Nurses, Rose Blennerhassett and Lucy Sleeman"

 "Adventures in Mashonaland, by Two Hospital Nurses, Rose Blennerhassett and Lucy Sleeman" was published by Macmillan & Co, London & New York, 8-Nov-1893 priced 8s 6d in the UK (reprinted December 1893 & January 1894). Also published in 1893 as volume No.164 of "Macmillan's Colonial Library", “... intended for circulation only in India and the British Colonies...” [TIMES 8-Nov-1893].  Read the text of this book.
The original book had no illustrations.  The "Macmillan's Colonial Library" edition was republished in 1969 as vol.8 of the “Rhodesiana Reprint Library” Gold Series, as a "Facsimile reproduction of the 1893 edition with additions and many excellent illustrations", by "Books of Rhodesia Publishing Co." of Bulawayo, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). 
Quotes from the book appear in:
“African Exploration & Travel” in “The Atlantic Monthly” (vol.74, Issue 444, October 1894, pp.559-560)
“South African Literature: a general survey” (p.134) by M. Nathan Juta, Cape Town 1925
Bill (William) Higham of Queensland, Australia, is writing a film script titled “Fever Country”, based on Rose's book and other East African works of the period.
"The Red Marble Tank" by Miss Rose Aimee Blennerhassett

In 1901, two years after the Siege of Kimberley, Rose Blennerhassett, Lucy Sleeman Vines and Lucy's husband C. Granville Vines were still living in the town. In that year Rose contributed a Christmas short story, a ghostly horror titled " 'The Red Marble Tank' by Miss R. A. Blennerhassett",  to "The Diamond Fields Advertiser" newspaper of Kimberley, published in the "Illustrated Christmas Number", November 1901, pp.32-33.
of Ballymacprior Lodge, Killorglin, Co.Kerry; of Tralee, Dublin & Dingle
Physician at Dublin for 12 years (N.W. Dispensary, Beresford Street; Sick Poor Institution, Meath Street;
7 years Dublin General Dispensary); at Dingle Dispensary, Co.Kerry 1824-39; at Tralee, Kerry from 1839;
also at Castleisland Fever Hospital, Co.Kerry (see “Medical Directory for Ireland 1860”);
Chairman of Tralee Town Commissioners;
Member of the “Board of Guardians” for Tralee Workhouse, 1847  (listed as “Dr W. Blennerhassett”);
Author of three papers published in the “The Dublin Journal of Medical Science”:
A Thermometrical Register for Dingle During Seven Years” 1841
On the extremely rare Occurance of Consumption in Dingle and it's Neighbourhood
            1841 vol.19, Article 12 (reprinted in “Kerry Evening Post” 1.5.1841)
On Small Pox after Vaccination” 1841 (not 1845) vol.18, Article 11
            (from a letter to TDJOMS dated 15-May-1840)
Ven. Rev. ARTHUR BLENNERHASSETT ROWAN D.D. (b.1800 d.1861) of Belmont, Co.Kerry
Archdeacon of Ardfert. Historian & Genealogist.
In 1855 he made a handwritten copy of the original c1720-1736 Ms. Blennerhassett genealogy “Black Jack's Book”. The original Ms. he borrowed from John Hurley of Fenit House, Tralee (K 30), a descendant of John “Black Jack” Blennerhassett. A brief letter of 25-Jun-1858 from Rev.A.B.Rowan to Sir Bernard Burke Ulster King of Arms, discussing this loan, is in a scrapbook of genealogical items at the library of the Irish Genealogical Research Society (IGRS), London. The location of the 1858 Rowan Ms is unknown to me, but a photocopy (listed in “Hayes Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilisation”) is Ms.5629 is at NLI, Dublin.
Author of “Lake Lore” 1853
Author of pamphlet “Tralee & its Provost, Sixty Years On” 1860
Author of “Kerry Genealogies” 1846, NLI (Microfilm POS 2786)
Author of item in “Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica”, New Series: Vol 3, p.116
Publisher of “The Kerry Magazine” from 1854 to 1856
Author of articles in the “The Gentleman's Magazine”:
            “Autograph Letter of Queen Elizabeth” Vol 32, 1849, page 31
            “Coningsby Family” Vol 33, 1850, pp.2A & 346A
            “Rev. Thomas Fuller's Descendants” Vol 34, 1850, page 346A
* Ms “Report on the Rowan Papers (from 1699), formerly the property of Mr M.Glazier, Tralee, now in the National Library of Ireland, relating to the Rowan, Crosbie, Denny, Ponsonby, Blennerhasset, Bland and Wilson Families and to Lands in Co.Kerry” by J.F.Ainsworth (“National Library of Ireland Report on Private Collections, No. 374). Listed in [HAYES].
Ms. “Rowan Papers” (including pedigrees of Blennerhassett) c1909, archived at the NLI as Ms. 20621
These are the papers of “Miss Rowan”, daughter of historian Archdeacon Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan 
of Tralee, Co.Kerry & Connecticut, USA
Irish-American scholar, Professor of English (Medievalist) & Philologist. OSS Agent in Ireland during WWII
Author of:-
The English River-Names in Lawman's Brut” (“Modern Language Notes” May 1940 pp.373-378)
Gernemuoe: A Place-Name Puzzle in Lawman's Brut” (“Modern Language Notes” March 1942 pp.179-181)
Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'Mons Agned' and 'Castellum Puellarum' “ (“Spectrum” vol.17 April 1942 pp.250-254)
"Lawman's London" (“Mediaeval Studies” vol.10, 1948, p.197)
"Autobiographical Aspects of Chaucer's Franklin" ("Spectrum" vol.28, 1953, p.791)
A Nature-Name Puzzle in Lawman's Brut” (“Studia Neophilologica” vol.14, No's 1-3, pp.53-57)
A Study of the Place-Names in Lawman's Brut” Stanford University Press, California (Stanford University Publications, Univ. Series, Language & Literature, vol.9 No.1) & Oxford University Press, London; 1950. Reprinted AMS Press, New York, 1967
A brief history of Celtic Studies in North America” 
Rev. Canon JAMES BLENNERHASSETT LESLIE (b.1865 d.1952)
Irish Clergyman and Antiquary
Author of:
Clergy of Connor: from patrican times to the present day, based of the unpublished 'Succession Lists' compiled by J.B.Leslie
This includes a “Memoir of Canon J.B.Leslie” by H.W.Love; Ulster Historical Foundation
At the Representative Church Body (RCB) Library in Dublin are a collection of printed (published) and typescript (unpublished) biographical succession lists of clergy of the Church of Ireland. These lists are principally, but not exclusively, the work of Canon James Blennerhassett Leslie and are listed in “Church of Ireland Clerical Succession Lists and their Compilers” by Raymond Refausse (“The Irish Genealogist” vol.10 No.1, 1998, pp.32-41).
Published Clerical Succession Lists” Compiled by J.B.Leslie:
 “Armagh Clergy and Parishes” *
Supplement to “Armagh Clergy and Parishes”
“Clogher Clergy and Parishes” *
“Ossory Clergy and Parishes” *
“Biographical Succession Lists of the Clergy of the Diocese of Down” (jointly with H.B.Swanzy)
“Ferns Clergy and Parishes” *
“Derry Clergy and Parishes” *
“Raphoe Clergy and Parishes” *
“Ardfert and Aghadoe Clergy and Parishes” *
* Suppliments to these were later compiled by Geraldine Willis, RCB Library Ms. 345
W.Tempest, Dundalk, 1911
W.Tempest, Dundalgan Press, Dundalk, 1948
Enniskillen, 1929
Enniskillen, 1933
Enniskillen, 1936
Dublin, 1936
Enniskillen, 1937
Enniskillen, 1940
Dublin, 1940
Unpublished Clerical Succession Lists Compiled by J.B.Leslie, RCB Library Ms.61”:
Diocese of Ardagh
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
Diocese of Dublin
Diocese of Elphin
Diocese of Glendalough             
Diocese of Kildare           
Dioceses of Kilfenora, Clonfert and Kilmacduagh
Dioceses of Killala and Achonry                   
Diocese of Killaloe                     
Diocese of Kilmore                                          
Diocese of Leighlin                                       
Diocese of Limerick
Diocese of Meath                                         
Diocese of Tuam
"Biographical Index to the Clergy of the Church of Ireland
Ms. 61/2/1
Ms. 61/2/2
Ms. 61/2/4/1-2
Ms. 61/2/5
Ms. 61/2/6
Ms. 61/2/7
Ms. 61/2/8
Ms. 61/2/9
Ms. 61/2/10
Ms. 61/2/11
Ms. 61/2/12/1-2
Ms. 61/2/13
Ms. 61/2/14/1-2
Ms. 61/2/15
Ms. 61/4/1-4
"Correspondence between Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett and John Wodehouse, 1st Earl of Kimberley (1826-1902)"
is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (Ms. Eng. c. 4170, ff.96-103)
Joined Perak Government Service im Malaya 1892; Solicitor-General, Straits Settlements 1919;
For the Federated Malay States he was Acting Judicial Commissioner 1919 and Legal Adviser 1920; Resident Councillor of Penang 1922-1925
Author of “The Laws of the Federated Malay States, 1877-1920
Major ARTHUR BLENNERHASSETT LEECH  (b. <???> d. before 1917)
Served a legal apprenticeship in the office of Dublin Solicitor John Blennerhassett, known as “The Evergreen”. Author of:    “Irish Riflemen in America”, London 1875
In 1874 he was head of the “Irish Rifle Association” c1864-74 & captain of their team who competed at Creedmoor, New York 26.9.1874 against the newly formed “National Rifle Association” of the USA; This was the first organized competition of the NRA, the Americans winning by 934 points to 931; “...A beautiful silver cup which Captain Leech had brought over to present for competition to the riflemen of America is illustrated; It is a very graceful and artistic piece of workmanship, tastefully embossed, and surmounted by a representation of an ancient castle in ruin. It bears the following inscription:
He presented to Col. G.W.Wingate, captain of the American team, the badge of the Irish Rifle Association [“Harper's Weekly” New York 10.10.1874]
                        “'s the poetry of shooting. It's a science and an art...”  -  A.B.L.
LOUISE BLENNERHASSETT POIREZ (nee TINCLER) (b.c1850/1   d.c1892/1900)
Author of:
Smiles and Tears from Fairyland”, London 1881, Fairy Tales
Rose-Leaves for Rose-Buds” 1882, Fairy Tales
Eight Tales of Fairyland” 1887 Fairy Tales 
Author of “The Means of Preventing the Downfall of the British Empire”, London 1882 
Author of “Historical Records of the 62nd, or the 1st Wiltshire Regiment”, Aldershot 1885 
JAMES BLENNERHASSET CONACHER (b.1916 d.c1994) Irish-Canadian Historian
Author of:
Party Politics in the Age of Palmerston”, Bloomington, Indiana UP & Oxford University Press, 1959
The Aberdeen Coalition, 1852-1855: a study in mid nineteenth century politics” 1968
The Peelites and the Party System, 1846-52”, David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1972
The Gladstonian Turn of Mind: essays presented to J.B.Conacher”, edited by Bruce L.Kinzer, 1985
Britain and the Crimea, 1855-56: problems of war and peace” , 1987
See also:
Canadian Who's Who”   Edited by Kieran Simpson;   University of Toronto Press   1981, 1983, 1989
Directory of American Scholars”  (vol.1:  History; 6th-9th editions)   R.R.Bowker Co., NY   1974-1999
James Blennerhasset Conacher Publications, 1947-84, compiled by N.Merrill Distad
            pp.265-271 includes biographies & index 
ARTHUR BLENNERHASSETT BENNETT (b. <???> d. <???>) of Philadelphia, playwright
Author of "On the Level", a comedy in three acts, pub. Jan 24 1922 
Ordained 1940; Rector of Howth, Co.Dublin 1958-90;
Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin 1976-90 & Canon Dalkey, St.Patrick Dublin 1990-98
Rev. Blennerhassett's "Collected Sermons 1946-1997"are archived at the Library of the Representative Body of the Church of Ireland (presented in 1999 by his wife, Mrs Doris Eileen Blennerhassett)
Justice FRANCIS "Frank" ALFRED BLENNERHASSETT Q.C. (b.1916 d.1993)
“Frank Blennerhassett presided over his courts with dry authority, only rarely giving rein to the wit that made him such a catch as an after-dinner speaker” (obit. “The Daily Telegraph”, 18-Jun-1993, p.23)
Principal author of the “The Blennerhassett Report” produced by “The Blennerhassett Review on Drinking & Driving”, of which he was chairman. This was a British Government committee, set up in 1975-6 to review the working of the law on drinking and driving in the UK, which proposed introduction of roadside breathalyzer tests.
Featured in a newspaper cartoon, UK “Sunday Telegraph” 2-May-1976
Dr MICHAEL GEORGE BLENNERHASSETT, Ph.D. (b. <???> ) Pathologist
Professor of Pathology, McMaster University, Dundas, nr Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
Author of “Autonomic Neuroimmunology” (jointly with John Bienenstock & Edward J.Goetzl)
published by Taylor & Francis, 2003
Published jointly with others professional papers on Pathology, including:
Elevation of ionic conductance between insect epidermal cells by -ecdysone in vitro”                                                
(1980: Journal of Insect Psysiology, vol.26 p.1325)
Separation of developmental terminus domain of cx32 inhibit gap junction gating sensitivity to CO2
(1984: Biophysics Journal, vol.73 pp.798-806)
Functional characterization of cell-to-cell coupling in cultured rat aortic smooth muscle”      
(1987: American Journal of Physiology, Cell Physiol vol.252, pp.C555-C569)
Apparant innervation of rat basophilic leukaemia (RBL-2H3) cells by sympathetic neurons in vitro
(1990; Neuroscience Letters vol.120, pp.50-54)
Inflammatory cells and the epithelium. Mast cell/nerve interactions in the lung in vitro and in vivo
(1988: American Rev. Respir. Dissertation, vol.138: pp.S31-34)
Evidence for mast cell/nerve interactions in neuro-immune networks
(1989: in “Physiology and Disease” pp.149-155, published by A.R.Liss, New York)
Activation of rat peritoneal mast cells in co-culture with sympathic neurons alters neuronal physiology
(1990; Brain Behaviour Immunity vol.4, pp.139-150)
Picomolar doses of substance P trigger electrical responses in mast cells without degranulation”                             
(1994; Americal Journal of  Physiology, vol.276, pp.C138-145)
Neuro-immune mechanisms in health and disease
            1. Health     (1996: Canadian Medical Association Journal, vol.155 Issue 7 pp.867-874)
            2. Disease   (1996: Canadian Medical Association Journal, vol.155 Issue 8 pp.1075-1082)
Peripheral signalling of the brain: role in neural-immune interactions and learning and memory
(1991: Hogrefe & Huber, Toronto; pp.205-214)
Formation of contacts between mast cells and sympathetic neurons in vitro
(1991: Cell Tissue Research, vol.265 pp.121-128)
Physiologic evidence for bi-directional signals between mast cells and nerves
(in “Peripheral signaling of the brain: Role in neural-immune interactions and learning and memory” 1991: Hogrefe and Huber, pp.205-214)
Sympathetic nerve contact alters membrane resistance of cells of the RBL-2H3 mucosal mast cell line
(1992: American Journal of Respir. Cell Mol. Biology, vol.6 pp.504-509)
Substance P induces whole cell current transients in RBL-2H3 cells
(1992: American Journal of Physiology, vol.263 pp.C736-742)
Intercellular communication in smooth muscle
 (1992: Experientia, vol.48 pp.932-941)
Smooth muscle from aganglionic bowel in Hirschsprung's disease impairs neuronal development in vitro
(1994: Cell Tissue Research vol.1 pp.181-186)
Increased intestinal muscle contractility and worm expulsion in nematode-infected mice
(1992: Experientia, vol.48 pp.932-941)
Picomolar doses of substance P trigger electrical responses in mast cells without degranulation
(1994: American Journal of Physiology, vol.276 pp.C138-145)
Smooth muscle from aganglionic bowel in Hirschsprung's disease impairs neuronal development in vitro
(1994: Cell Tissue Research vol.1 pp.181-186)
of Canada
Author of "Monument", novel published by "Now or Never Publishing Company", Canada, 2008 (paperback)
ISBN/EAN: 978-0973955842
Publisher's Description: A penetrating and unflinching examination of the modern Canadian male, Monument is told through the eyes of Seth Wilhelm, a talented young hockey player whose career is cut short by injury, sending him spiralling out of control. A failed stint at college sets the stage for a second fall from grace, a car accident which claims the life of his new girlfriend, leaving Wilhelm himself to blame. Using his undisclosed innocence as the impetus to piece his life back together and move on with his once promising career, albeit in a washed-up senior men's league, Seth soaks up the Vancouver nightlife--the women, the liquor, the drugs, the fights--all in an effort to mask his survivor's guilt and an early childhood trauma. If there's hope for this antihero, it must come in the form of something monumental, a communion he's desperately in search of before he finally loses it all.

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