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Margaret Blennerhassett
"The Widow of the Rock" 1824
Margaret Blennerhassett, wife of Harman Blennerhassett of "Blennerhassett Island" ,
was author of “The Widow of the Rock and Other Poems, by a Lady”
published anonymously and privately in early April, 1824,
printed by E.V.Sparhawk, Montreal, Lower Canada (now Quebec Province)

The first three verses of "The Desert Isle", Margaret's best known poem,
in which she remembers Blennerhassett Island

R.F. "Ron" HENDRICKS, poet and playwright of Atlanta, Georgia (formerly of Parkersburg, West Virginia and Marietta, Ohio) has compiled “The Desert Isle: With Thirty-Five Unpublished Poems By Margaret Blennerhassett 1771-1842”, published 2003 by Hendricks House II, Atlanta, Georgia.
This fine new work reproduces most of the original content of “The Widow of the Rock and Other Poems”, including “The Desert Isle”, but excludes three poems that Mrs. Blennerhassett appended to her book, declaring them to be the work of another author, not herself. Those poems are presented here in a new format, with the addition of 35 of her previously unpublished poems, transcribed by Ron from Margaret’s original manuscripts, now in a Missouri museum. The Introduction and Afterword tell us of the "Blennerhassett Island" story.
Other work by Ron Hendricks:

Lovers & Dreamers”, by R.F.Hendricks is a full-length five act play about Harman Blennerhassett, Margaret Blennerhassett & Aaron Burr, published 2004 by Hendricks House II and in that year entered in six “new play” competitions.

The Hatcheller”, Poems by R.F.Hendricks, was published 2002 by Hendricks House II, with a forward by Turner Cassity
 "A Wreath of Poems", Edited by Ron Hendricks, Marietta, Georgia, 2004
Books published by Hendricks House II are distributed by Atlas Books, a division of Bookmasters/Ingram, Mansfield, Ohio.

of New York, USA (b.1864 d.1937)
"Tuscany and Other Poems" 1909 (1500 copies printed)
Educator, journalist, politician and poet, elected to the US Congress as Republican representing New York, serving in 1895-1899 (54th & 55th Congresses).
author of "Tuscany and Other Poems" by Rowland Blennerhassett Mahany, pub. Union and Times Press, Buffalo, New York 1909.

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