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The Blennerhassett Family Tree
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Each family tree chart has its origin at places indicated by its name, but from there may travel to anywhere in the world.
A map connecting the individual trees is planned but not yet available.
The word "DISCONNECTED" indicates Blennerhassett name references not yet connected to a branch of the family.


Blennerhassett families from Blennerhasset, Carlisle, Flimby (Flemby) in Cumberland (now Cumbria), England
Blennerhassett family from Wigton in Cumberland (Cumbria), England
Blennerhassett families from Barsham, Beccles, Belleek, Brumstead, Campsea Ash, Castle Caldwell, Castle Hassett, Crevenish, Diss, Dublin, Enniskillen, Frenze, Hasset's Fort, Hassetts Hall, Horning, Horsford, Horstead, Kelvedon, Kesh, Laythes, Loudham, Norwich, Nowton, Plumstead, Pockthorpe, Rossbeg, Southhill 

Blennerhassett families from Bath (Walcot), Cheltenham and London
Blennerhassett families from Liverpool, Lancashire and The Rock, Tralee, Co.Kerry 
Blennerhassett / Hassett family of Bermondsey, London
Blennerhassett / Hassett family of Whitechapel & Clerkenwell, London
Blennerhassett individuals in England not yet connected to a known branch of the family
Blennerhassett families from Ballycarty, Ballyseedy, Letter, Loch Gur
Blennerhassett families from Castle Conway, Killorglin, Kinsale
de Courcy, Baron Kingsale (Lord Kingsale)
Blennerhassett families from Blennerville, Churchtown, Annagharry, Mount Rivers, Kells and Ballymacprior
Baronet Blennerhassett of Blennerville & Churchtown
Blennerhassett family of Panama
Blennerhassett-Atthill family
Russwurm-Blennerhassett family
Blennerhassett-Eagar (or Eager) family
Blennerhasett families from Ballyseedy (Ballyseedy or Ballyseede Castle), Ballycarty and Farmers Bridge 
Blennerhassett families from Glin, Rathkeale, Riddlestown, Rockfield
FitzGerald, Knight of Glin
Blennerhassett families from Ballyard, Caherleheen, Clahane, Clahanebeg, Clahanemore, Cloghane, Skahanagh, Tralee
families in Australia and New Zealand
Blennerhassett families from Ash Hill, Ballymacelligott, Blackbriar, Beaufort, Currans, Culleenymore, Culleenybeg, Dublin, Glenageenty, Gortatlea, Sligo
families in Australia, New Zealand, USA & South Africa
Blennerhassett family from Lissataggle, Currans and Riverville in Co.Kerry
a probable connection to the Devenish, Victoria, Australia and Marblehead, Massachussetts, USA family (D)
Blennerhassett family from Belfast, Waterford, South Africa, Australia
Blennerhassett family from Kanturk, Newmarket
a family at New York, USA
Blennerhassett family from The Rock, Tralee, Co.Kerry and Liverpool, Lancashire
Blennerhassett family from Moyderwell, Tralee
Blennergassett families from Ballinaclough, Clash, Nenagh, Rocklawn, Clash
Blennerhassett individuals in Ireland not yet connected to a known branch of the family 
Blennerhassett family at Devenish, Victoria and Marblehead, Massachusetts.
This family originates at Lissataggle, Currans, Co.Kerry, Ireland
Blennerhassett families from Tasmania
Family of Lindsay Hassett, the great Australian cricketer
Blennerhassett family from Yass, New South Wales
Blennerhassett references in Australia not yet connected to a known branch of the family
Blennerhassett family from Innisfail, Queensland
New Zealand 
Blennerhassett references in New Zealand not yet connected to any branch of the family
Blennerhassett families at Alberta, British Columbia (BC), Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec & Saskatchewan in Canada.
This family originates at Lissataggle, Currans, Co.Kerry, Ireland
Blennerhassett/Hassett family from Hassett, Nova Scotia, Canada
United States of America (USA)
Blennerhassett families from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island & other New England states
Blennerhassett families from San Francisco, California (with some disconnected Blennerhassetts from other places in California)
Hassett family originating at Londerry, Ireland
This is the family of Frank "B" Hassett of Iowa, USA
Blennerhassett families from Marblehead, Massachusetts and Devenish, Victoria, Australia.
This family originates at Lissataggle, Currans, Ireland
Hassett family from Healdsburg, California
Blennerhassett references in the United States of America not yet connected to a known branch of the family
The family of Abigail Kent Drake Blennerhassett,
2nd wife of Joseph Lewis Blennerhassett
(son of Harman Blennerhassett) 
South Africa 
Hassett family at Free State, South Africa
Blennerhassett references in India not yet connected to any branch of the family.
Blennerhassett family from Jubbulpore (now Jabalpur), India, including the James Blennerhassett - Martha Williams Pereira connection
of Bolaram, Hyderabad, India
Blennerhassett as a middle name

This page shows other families using Blennerhassett as a middle name, where the limited information available does not justify each having their own page
An unverified Blennerhassett-Laffoon connection is suspect and may not be genuine. Further information is requested

Family of Catherine Blennerhassett-Cripps, later Blennerhassett-Chester, later Blennerhassett-Smith 
Lords of the Manor of Blennerhasset
The Lordship of the MANOR of BLENNERHASSET in early mediaeval times - shown as a Pedigree of the Lords of Allerdale, in Cumbria 
as it passed through different hands

Other families that interest me...
with connections to the Blennerhassett family in Norfolk and Suffolk
Family of W.H. O'Connor of Coolnageragh, Scartaglin, Castleisland, Co.Kerry
compiled by Rosemary Melian Coleby
These Hassett families from Co.Clare & Co.Tipperary are native Irish Hassett and unrelated to the Anglo-Irish Blennerhassett.
These are notes only and I have not taken them further - if you are researching Hassett families please do Contact Us
Dion Boucicault family The family of Dionysius "Dion" Lardner Boucicault (a.k.a. Boursiquot), known as Dion Boucicault Sr. playwright, theatre manager and actor, famed for his melodramas, including The Colleen Bawn
This is the BOURSIQUOT, BOURCICAULT and BOUCICAULT family of Dublin, London, New York, Melbourne, Sydney & Rockhampton... with connection to Blennerhassett Coulson
FitzGerald, Knight of Glin, Co.Limerick
with connections to the Blennerhassetts
Add here the Jehan family of Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Add here the Jehan family of Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Add here the Agnew family of Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Add here the Robin family of Guernsey, Channel Islands 



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