Blennerhassett Family Tree
Genealogy one-name study      by Bill Jehan
   Introduction      Property      Rocklawn, Clash, Co.Tipperary
Clash, Ballymackey, Co.Tipperary
home farm of the Blennerhassett/Hassett family of Clash

Little is known of the origin of this branch of the family.
First recorded is John Hassett of Rocklawn (born c1803, where?who married on 11-Aug-1864 (aged 61) at
Templederry, Co.Tipperary (Church of Ireland), to Sarah Jane Markby of Templederry (aged 19), perhaps as his 2nd wife.
John died 30-Oct-1899, Sarah Jane died 1932 - both at Rocklawn, both buried in the family plot at Culliwane Burial Ground.

The civil marriage record names him John Hassett, not Blennerhassett, but family tradition among some descendants strongly supports the view that he is descended from Blennerhassett;
this is also the belief of the Clarke family, who hold the neighbouring farm at Knockane, Toomevera, although other descendants have doubts and the Blennerhassett ancestry is not proven.

Before this marriage John Hassett lived with a brother (perhaps Timothy Hassett b.c1815, d.1865 Nenagh ?).

His wife Sarah Jane Markby is believed related to another Sarah Markby of Co.Tipperary (b.c1882 d.1964)
who in 1905 married Joseph Blennerhassett of Blackbriar (Skagduve), Co.Kerry
photo: courtesy of Rod Blennerhassett
Rocklawn, Clash, Ballymackey, Co.Tipperary - the farmhouse in 1995

Following the death of Richard "Dickie" Hassett (b.1920 d.1973) Rocklawn was sold, out of the Hassett family,
to John Grace of Kilnafinch, Toomevara. Unoccupied since that time, the farmhouse is a ruin. 
photo: courtesy of Sally-Ann Hassett & Gillian Graves
John Hassett of Rocklawn
 b.c1803 (where ?) d.30-Oct-1899 at Rocklawn
 with his wife Sarah and two of their six daughters, perhaps Sarah Jane & Elizabeth

photograph c1870 by H. Carpenter & Co., 120 Mile End Road, Stepney, London;
the building, known as the "Assembly House", was opposite "The Eagle" public house.
(H. Carpenter & Co. succeeded in photography business at this address by Elias Gotthel, until 1883)
photo: courtesy of Sally-Ann Hassett & Gillian Graves
Thomas Hassett ("Old Tom") born 15-Mar-1885 at Rocklawn, youngest son of John & Sarah
with his wife Rosa Minna "Rose" Gould
and one of their four sons, probably the youngest son Ken Hassett b.23-Nov-1922
photo: courtesy of David Smyth & Richard Clarke

Ellen Jane Clarke (nee Hassett, of Rocklawn) b.1881 d.1964
and her husband

George Francis Clarke (b.c1886 d.1961) of Knockane, Toomevera, Co.Tpperary
photo: courtesy of Sally-Ann Hassett & Gillian Graves
Thomas Hassett and wife Rosa Minna "Rose" Gould
 on their wedding day, Guildford, England 1-Aug-1908
photograph by Nathaniel Yager, Yager's Studios, 249a Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, London N.E.

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