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Pattern for Naming of Children in Ireland 
This traditional pattern for naming children was widely used in Ireland until the early 20th Century.
The pattern was not always adhered to, but when searching for individuals in families where the pattern can be seen to apply, it provides a useful guide to what an unknown name may be.
The same pattern is sometimes seen in England but its use there died out earlier.
eldest son 
named after the father's father 
2nd son
named after the mother's father
3rd  son
named after the father  
4th  son
named after the father's eldest brother  
eldest  daughter
named after the mother's mother
2nd daughter
named after the father's mother
3rd  daughter
named after the mother
4th  daughter
named after the mother's eldest sister
A less frequently used naming pattern took names of the sons from the father's side, names of the daughters from the mother's side
eldest  son 
named after the father's father. 
2nd son 
named after the father. 
eldest  daughter 
named after the mother's mother. 
2nd daughter 
named after the mother. 

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