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   Introduction      Key      Land Divisions & Land Area in Ireland
Land Divisions & Land Area in Ireland 
The smallest administrative division of land in Ireland is the Townland .
 Townlands vary in size from 2/3 of an acre to 7,000 acres
Townland (in Irish "baile fearainn")
Parish (Civil)
This corresponds with the Church of Ireland parish, also with the ancient Roman Catholic parish that preceded it
Parish (RC)
The present (modern) Roman Catholic parish. If this happens to carry the same name as a corresponding civil parish, the boundaries of the two usually vary considerably.
There are 26 counties in Ireland
There are 4 provinces in Ireland 
Units of "land area" measurement in Ireland during the 19th century and earlier were:
10 acres = 1 Gneeve
120 acres = 1 Townland
2 Gneeves = 1 Sessiagh
12 Gneeves = 1 Townland
3 Sessiaghs = 1 Ballyboe or Tate
16 Sessiaghs = 1 Townland
BALLYBOE         (a.k.a. Tate)
2 Ballyboes = 1 Ploughland, Seisreagh or Carrow 
8 Ballyboes = 1 Townland
PLOUGHLAND    (a.k.a. Seisreagh or Carrow)
4 Ploughlands = 1 Townland or Ballybetagh
TOWNLAND       (a.k.a. Ballybetagh)
30 Townlands = 1 Barony or Triocha Céad
BARONY            (a.k.a. Triocha Céad)
The actual size of each of these units varied considerably according to the quality of the land in each place. In ancient times land was measured in terms of its economic potential rather than using fixed units of measurement, i.e. by the number of cattle that an area of pasture land could support, or the time taken to plough an area of arable land.

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