Blennerhassett Family Tree
Genealogy one-name study      by Bill Jehan
   Introduction      Property      Kelvedon Hall, Essex
Kelvedon Hall
(a.k.a. Keldon Hall)
Kelvedon, Co.Essex
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Kelvedon after the Blennerhassetts
[MORANT vol.2 p.153] states that "Easterford Hall" was an alternative name for the manor of Kelvedon and that Francis Bacon, husband of Mary Blennerhassett or his son (not hers) Edmund Bacon resided at Easterford Hall 1580/1 (23 Elizabeth I).  Samuel Blennerhassett Jr (b.c1602) held Kelvedon in 1613, it later passing to the Carew family.  Anne Carew held it in 1715, followed by Andrew Carew, then jointly by four of his sisters' children.

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