Blennerhassett Family Tree
Genealogy one-name study      by Bill Jehan
Inscriptions at
Mountain View Cemetery,
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 
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1. William Arthur Blenner-Hassett                      CAN 20

2. Margaret Kinnaird Blenner-Hassett                 CAN 20

3. John D. Blenner-Hassett                                CAN 20

4. L. Thelma Blenner-Hassett                             CAN 20

5. Robert A. (Bob) Blenner-Hassett                     CAN 20

6. Arthur W. Blenner-Hassett                              CAN 21

7. Gertrude Blenner-Hassett                               CAN 21

8. Sydney Alonzo Blenner-Hassett                       CAN 21

9. Muriel Agnes Blenner-Hassett                          CAN 21

10. Elizabeth Hassett Robertson                          CAN 32

     (daughter of Annie Hepburn Reid and the granddaughter of Elizabeth Blennerhassett Hepburn, for whom she was named.)



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