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This site aims to record a history of the Blennerhassett family, also of some families named Hassett who descend from Blennerhassett but use the shortened name.
The result of many years personal research, this site also contains genealogical information generously contributed by Blennerhassetts and by descendants carrying other surnames. You are invited to contribute research on any subject relevant to this site.   
There are questions to be answered and your help is needed to answer them.
Suitable photographs of people, places, and inscriptions are welcomed, as are individual pieces of research.
Please report factual errors or omissions, items to be added or removed, spelling mistakes, duplications on the same page, broken links, suggestions of any kind.
If you believe any text, image or photograph used on this site infringes your copyright, do tell me, so that permission to use may be requested and copyright acknowledged, or the offending material removed.
If you have an your own website and an interest in the Blennerhassett family, please consider adding a link to this site.
Thank you.
                                                                                    Bill Jehan
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